baramundi Mobile Devices

baramundi Mobile Devices

baramundi Mobile Devices Premium clearly separates work and private life on your tablet and smartphone

Tablets and smartphones are an indispensable part of everyday working life. The private use of corporate devices and BYOD makes it difficult for the IT department to ensure data and network security. All too often, privately used apps also access company data that they should on no account have access to. Staff also worry that private data could be viewed by administrators.

The solution: baramundi Mobile Devices Premium adds the ability to baramundi Mobile Devices to configure and manage Android Enterprise's native container – the Work Profile. Data separation in iOS can also be configured in detail using baramundi Mobile Devices Premium.

Benefits for You

  • Easy separation of company and private data
  • Data security during private use
  • Basis for trustworthy BYOD use


  • Android: Work and private profile views to easily switch back and forth (depending on the Android version used)
  • Android: Option to protect the work profile with a password
  • Android: Separate installations of identical apps in individual profiles
  • Android: Administration only has access to work profiles
  • iOS: Enable data separation
  • iOS: Control transfer of work data to private apps
  • iOS: Control transfer of personal data to company apps

Supported platforms

  • baramundi Mobile Devices Premium supports Android version 7.0 and higher, iOS version 9.0 and higher and iPadOS version 13 and higher.

Try it Out!

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We’ll happily demonstrate to you in person in your company how you can make the most of working with the baramundi Management Suite and how baramundi Inventory can provide you with an overview of your IT landscape.

baramundi Mobile Devices Premium in detail

Native container method

baramundi Mobile Devices Premium (bMD Premium) allows you to use the option included in Android Enterprise to create separate user profiles without having to rely on a third-party container. This ensures maximum compatibility with the operating system and all applications. The native container is an integral part of the operating system and does not prevent security-relevant system updates being installed.

Secure corporate data and guaranteed privacy

Work and private profiles exist next to each other, clearly separated, and yet are only a swipe away. The work profile is clearly recognizable in bMD Premium by small briefcase icons on the apps (appearance depends on the device manufacturer). This ensures that users always know in which environment they are working. The work profile is encrypted and can optionally be protected by a separate password. This prevents both accidental confusion between profiles and access by third parties if the device is lost.

Native separation prevents apps from one profile accessing data from the other, so that, for example, confidential customer information cannot appear in the privately used WhatsApp. Conversely, users can be sure that administrators only have access to the company profile and that only company data can be changed or deleted using Mobile Device Management

Install the same app twice

In principle, each profile can install its own instance of a given app without any configuration conflicts. For users it is as though they had two separate devices – one managed by their employer, the other freely available for private purposes.

Apps can be installed without configuration conflicts in the private and business profile