License Management

License Management

License Management

Achieve Transparency Through License Management

The Challenge

The more applications and computers in use, and the more heterogeneous your software environment, the harder it is to maintain an overview of the licenses. As such, underlicensing can become very expensive, and overlicensing ties up resources that could be better used elsewhere. 

In order to establish a course of action for your licensing, you wish to: 

  • Be able to create individual license agreements yourself
  • Compare licenses for the existing software installations
  • Focus on the products that are relevant for you
  • Gain a simple and quick view of the balance of licensing in your company

Before making any new investments, you would like to:

  • Identify unused software on individual clients, but still comply with applicable data protection regulations 
  • Uninstall unused software where appropriate

In addition, you need to

  • Be prepared for licensing audits carried out by software vendors

The Solution

With baramundi License Management you have the option to set up licenses and contracts for the products that are relevant for you in order to gain a structured overview of individual licensing. You can allocate recorded licenses to the corresponding products together with relevant utilization properties such as downgrade rights or secondary usage rights.

You can obtain a structured overview of the software installations managed by baramundi from baramundi Inventory. Additional installations from other instances can be added manually in order to gain a comprehensive overview. Installations presented in this way can be allocated to the relevant products. 

The integrated comparison gives you a quick and simple balance view of the currently desired licensing of your Windows devices. Use data export to a standard Excel environment to quickly create reports that are relevant to you for extended reporting views. 

Before procuring a new license, use baramundi AUT to systematically monitor the use of programs that are expensive to license. This will enable you to identify which devices have never even launched an expensive graphics application, for example, and which licenses you could save, or deploy with another user. You can make a conscious decision about which applications to monitor on which devices.

Of course, you also need to observe strict German data protection legislation. No personal data may be collected, and results may only be provided in a way that ensures no conclusions can be drawn about the behavior of individual employees. You can use baramundi Deploy to automatically uninstall unused programs. You only pay for licenses for software that you really need. 

Our Recommendation

Create transparency around your licensing and receive information about opportunities for cost optimization and license undercoverage. Before procuring new licenses, check what software is used and how intensively, and uninstall applications that are not needed.
To do this, combine:

The Result

You can: 

  • Obtain a transparent overview about your licensing
  • Avoid unplanned additional payments resulting from underlicensing
  • Save costs through precise licensing and the identification of unused applications
  • Learn how new software has been accepted in the company

Maintain an overview of used software and licensing.

Partner Solutions

Depending on your requirements, baramundi will also support a connection to the extended license management solutions provided by our partners The basis for this is provided by inventory data from baramundi made available via the baramundi Connect interface. baramundi recommends that you refer to an independent SAM consultant with detailed questions about license optimization or pending audits.