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Application Packaging and CLM Automation for Admins

14. September 2020, Avatar of Holger WeeresHolger Weeres

Endpoint Management, Desktop Engineering and Automation usually involves a lot of research and actual coding. 

This series of short videos shows the different unique tools baramundi developed specifically for admins to make this a breeze. It enables baramundi admins to accomplish complete automation without the need of advanced programming skills.

Application Packaging wizard

This video outlines common unattended software packaging challenges with common setup types beyond just MSIs.

baramundi detects the underlying technology and guides the admin through the packaging process. It does that by suggesting the proper unattended method, building answer file and and proposing command line switches.

The baramundi Automation Studio

Common Automation tasks can be accomplished quickly and easily by Admins with our drag and drop scripting engine baramundi Automate, without requiring any advanced programming skills to create Powershell or VB Scripts.

GUI Action Automation

This video shows how easy it can be to automate Desktop interactions and automated them for repeated use.

Whether it is a complex installation routine, or just the clearing of a browser cache, baramundi GUI automation can automate it and then “click it for you”.

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