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bMS Release 2023 R1: Security, stability and performance

16. May 2023, Avatar of Armin LeinfelderArmin Leinfelder

If the Austrian classical composer Anton Bruckner were alive today, he might have been a software developer instead of a creator of symphonies. Known for his intense attention to detail, Bruckner is reported to have said, “If you want to build high towers, you have to spend a long time on the foundations.” Our product development team took a cue from Bruckner with a detailed focus on the foundations of security, performance and stability in the new baramundi Management Suite 2023 R1.

In short

  • Vulnerability Scanner: Faster scans thanks to a new vulnerabilities catalog
  • baramundi Connect 2.0: A new version with accelerated calls and OpenAPI compliance
  • Universal Dynamic Groups (UDGs): Adds intuitive platform icons & new filter options
  • Argus Cockpit: More UDGs per environment to support more users and use cases
  • New module for End User Experience Management (Argus Experience) [Preview]

Vulnerability Catalog Reloaded

If there is one area that is subject to constant change, it is vulnerability management. Not only is the number of vulnerabilities constantly increasing, but so are the ways that IT admins must detect, assess and remediate them. The new “Professional 2.0” profile uses a new vulnerabilities catalog with an optimized set of scanning rules. The scanner now looks for vulnerabilities that affect your existing software installations, not just the existence of individual files, libraries or components. That makes scanning much faster and accurate with fewer false positives. It’s a little like having a doctor assess your health based on family history, lifestyle and other factors specific to you instead of examining you for signs of every known disease.

You can read more about it in our blog article “Our new and more efficient Vulnerability catalog”.

bConnect 2.0

One of the great strengths of the baramundi Management Suite is the ease of integration with other IT systems. The new bConnect 2.0 interface makes the process even simpler, faster and more flexible with OpenAPI compliance. It also adds new controllers and intuitive documentation with examples, and noticeably accelerates the performance of individual calls.

bConnect 1.x is still available during a transition period so you can upgrade existing functions.

Universal Dynamic Groups: Even more usability

Our focus on small details that enhance bMS usability and efficiency includes some additions to Universal Dynamic Groups (UDGs). Intuitive platform icons now provide helpful visual cues to make it quicker and easier to select properties and endpoints when defining UDGs.

You also can filter endpoint properties with free-text keyword searches, including terms that contain more than one word.

More options for Argus Cockpit and Experience

Argus Cockpit has already established itself as a practical tool not only for sysadmins but also for a growing range of users with an interest in monitoring specific IT status data, e.g., CISOs. The bMS previously supported up to 10 UDGs for that purpose. To make it easier to meet the increased demand, 2023 R1 lets IT teams create more than 10 UDGs to give additional users access to information related to their specific areas of responsibilities.

We have already explained the importance of End User Experience Management in, “When the computer goes into a Chroma” (aka, Blue Screen of Death, BSoD, etc.). The new Argus Experience module helps you quickly identify problematic endpoint software or configurations frequent or recurring crashes and hangs. That speeds troubleshooting and helps you close support tickets more efficiently. It also helps you proactively identify the cause of problems so you can either prevent or remedy them even before users contact support. Outliers and other information let you detect trends and patterns or recognize when a particular software version is a troublemaker that needs updating. That saves the IT team a lot of time and effort and makes users – and their bosses – happier and more productive.


Ticketing System

Neben einem überarbeiteten und noch nutzerfreundlicheren Design hat das baramundi Ticketing System auch eine Leistungssteigerung erfahren: Durch Verwendung neuer Webtechnologien werden jetzt an vielen Stellen, vor allem bei vielen Aktionen innerhalb der Formulare (z.B. im Ticketformular), die bisherigen Wartezeiten um bis zu 90 Prozent reduziert.

All improvements in detail

More information about bMS 2023 R1 can be found in the release notes.

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