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22. October 2020, Robert Klinger | Endpoint Management

The “commute” to cloud computing – The bus doesn't wait

Cloud Computing

It is Wednesday, 7:35 a.m., and I am standing at the bus stop under partly cloudy skies waiting for the bus to get to work. There’s a crowd of commuters here waiting but everything I hear indicates that everyone will get a seat. Although I know the destination well, I am excited and curious about the trip. It’s a major adjustment but it will be cheaper over time, and I can use the time that I used to spend behind the wheel more productively. 

I’m using a work week commuting analogy to describe where IT managers worldwide are right now in the process of boarding the “bus” to cloud…

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14. September 2020, Holger Weeres | Endpoint Management, Management Suite

Application Packaging and CLM Automation for Admins

Endpoint Management, Desktop Engineering and Automation usually involves a lot of research and actual coding. 

This series of short videos shows the different unique tools baramundi developed specifically for admins to make this a breeze. It enables baramundi admins to accomplish complete automation without the need of advanced programming skills.

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