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Latest Release: Perfect Out-Of-Box-Experience with baramundi UEM

Augsburg, 23. November 2021 – baramundi software AG is publishing the new release of the baramundi Management Suite (bMS) in November. The new features for the comprehensive Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) again include numerous improvements and enhancements: For example, it is now possible with Windows Autopilot to have new PCs and laptops sent pre-configured from the manufacturer directly to the end users. The new "Do Not Disturb" mode on the endpoint also provides a more pleasant end user experience. In addition, the update management has again been extended with a view to more efficient work. 

Windows Autopilot
Even before the new "normal" in the home office, users appreciated it when their work devices were provided to them fully set up. The ideal: Simply switch on the new device, connect it to the WLAN and apps, settings and accesses are set up independently. This is now possible in the baramundi Management Suite (bMS) with the Windows Autopilot from Microsoft: Users simply switch on their new Windows device and log in with their company account. The device is automatically added to the bMS and can then be managed by the admins as usual. New devices can thus be sent directly from the manufacturer to the users. Time-consuming commissioning by the administration in the company network is no longer necessary.

Compliance testing for Microsoft Update Management
From now on, the update profiles allow not only the implementation of staggered rollouts, but also the evaluation of the update status. This means that it is now easy to identify in advance whether the endpoints meet the requirements of the update profile (or vice versa). For a better overview, there is now also a list of all referenced updates within a respective group (e.g. a company department). All installed and missing - incl. delayed or blocked - updates of the endpoints within the group can thus be identified.

Improved end user experience with "do not disturb" mode
With bMS 2021 R2, it is now possible to activate and configure the so-called "Do not disturb" mode for the baramundi agent. Users can now prevent agent pop-ups from appearing on their own Windows end device for a predefined period of time. This prevents the unpleasant situation of being prompted to restart during a presentation or meeting, for example. The end users have more control over their work device without important updates being prevented.

Delta evaluation for the Argus Cockpit
With Argus Trends, admins have the option of comparing the states of a system at different points in time via historization, making it easier to identify sources of errors, for example. With the new release, there is now a simplified operation. With the new delta view, the difference between two specific points in time can be clearly visualized at the push of a button. Via the new reporting interface, the logged data can be easily prepared and exported - e.g. for an audit or certification report in Excel, but also applications such as MS Power BI.

Innovations in device detection in networked production
With ARP,  baramundi Network Devices now has a scanning method for detecting devices that cannot be detected via SNMP. In addition, it is now possible to manually create undetected or unreachable network devices directly and thus obtain a complete device overview. There is also the option to add user-defined variables to all created devices. End devices can thus also be assigned to several categories and areas, depending, for example, on whether a cost center, a purchase date or the physical position is involved.