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Press releases

New bMS version enhances security and management flexibility

Augsburg, May 14, 2024 - baramundi software GmbH is releasing the baramundi Management Suite (bMS) 2024 R1 in May with multiple enhancements and new features that increase security and IT admin flexibility. The latest version of the comprehensive Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution adds centralized management of local admin passwords, Per-App VPN connections for mobile devices and the ability to capture end user feedback in Argus Experience.
baramundi Argus Experience

Argus Experience can now directly capture end-user feedback on endpoint performance and reliability issues. In addition to detailed device data, subjective user input provides a more complete, timely and holistic view of endpoint performance to help admins troubleshoot and proactively resolve hardware and software issues even before a support ticket is opened.
Per-app VPN connections to ensure protection for company data

Mobile devices are typically provisioned with VPN software to establish secure, encrypted connections to company networks and data. But a disadvantage of VPNs is that all apps on a device – e.g., the company ERP app and the user’s personal messaging app -- gain access to the network. With Per-App VPN, IT admins can specify which apps can open VPN tunnels to resources and data on the company network. This increases data security and enables more flexible business use of mobile devices.
Defense Control - Management of local administrator passwords

A tenet of IT security is giving users limited or no administrative authorizations on their devices. But it still may be necessary for a technician to log on to a device as a local administrator to resolve problems or make necessary changes, so there often is a local admin account with an identical password on multiple systems. That represents a significant security vulnerability and an attack vector for hackers to spread malware. To maintain both security and management flexibility, the baramundi Management Suite now provides centralized management of local administrator accounts. The bMS can generate a one-time local admin password for a remote system to share with a technician on site. When the task is completed, the password can be reset and a new one regenerated as needed.

Innovations in Universal Dynamic Groups, bConnect extensions, and more

bMS 2024 R1 adds new filtering options for Universal Dynamic Groups to select systems by installed software or assigned jobs. For example, this makes it easy to select systems that are missing a specific application, version or patch and deploy needed software.

The bConnect interface also is expanding its range of functions. Previously, assets in the baramundi environment were only accessible via prior (deprecated) interfaces. With 2024 R1, assets can now be queried directly via using the documented interface. In addition, SSH inventories for Linux and other endpoints can now be executed with user-defined templates to show even more details.

The bMS now uses Universal Unique Identifiers - UUID for short - to accurately identify endpoints regardless of whether they are connected to the network via docking stations or dongles. That ensures that the correct end device is selected for each task.

The bMS now also automatically recognizes when a presentation or other full-screen application is running on an end device and blocks the display of the bMS tray notifier. That way, end users can conduct presentations, demos or simulations without interruptions.