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A mobile vault: Per-app VPN for mobile devices

11. June 2024, Avatar of Alexander HaugkAlexander Haugk

Hybrid or remote working is the new "normal" in business IT. But the integration of mobile devices into company infrastructure brings new challenges, as sensitive business data must be protected against attacks. Mobile device management solutions with Per-app VPN features help IT admins simplify and secure devices and data that employees use to work from anywhere.

In short

  • With the increase in remote and hybrid work, it is becoming increasingly important and more difficult to centrally manage and secure devices used on business networks.
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) software with Per-app VPN technology can ensure granular control over data traffic on mobile devices.
  • When companies integrate MDM into their zero-trust concept, they can increase IT security without impeding user flexibility and productivity while maintaining maximum data protection and compliance.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and remote working are firmly established in today's corporate computing landscape, presenting companies with the challenge of effectively securing mobile data access and traffic. Mobile Device Management (MDM) software plays a central role because it gives admins comprehensive control over all connected devices. In addition to 5 current MDM trends, MDM solutions with per-app VPN functionality are now providing particularly valuable support for IT admins. Per-app VPNs add important security measures as well as robust systems for creating a secure and efficient end-to-end mobile working environment.

Comprehensive control for remote data security

Key MDM functions include automated application distribution, device configuration, implementation of locking mechanisms, authorization and deprovisioning. These are crucial for zero-trust security policies. However, the added advantage of per-app VPN functionality is that it gives IT admins comprehensive control over company-related mobile data traffic. This also benefits their end users who can seamlessly work with their usual business applications on the move without compromising security.

Control mobile data traffic with Per-app VPN

This is where our baramundi Management Suite (bMS) with its MDM modules comes in handy. They give IT teams the benefits of automated MDM combined with Per-app VPN control:

Optimized network performance

With Per-app VPN, IT specialists can define exactly which applications should run over a VPN connection. This means that only certain apps for company email, messaging, business-related website access and other company uses are routed through the authorized secure VPN tunnel. Data traffic from users’ private apps bypass the company VPN. This differs from typical mobile VPN configurations which process all traffic to and from the device. The selective approach of Per-app VPN functionality, on the other hand, reduces network loads and conserves bandwidth, helping to optimize network performance and user experiences.

Improved data protection

By routing specific applications and Internet domains through the VPN tunnel, Per-app VPN increases security and ensures compliance with data protection regulations such as EU-GDPR. Encrypted traffic prevents the interception of sensitive business information and protects company data from unauthorized access or surveillance. It enables secure working from any location, including remote or coworking spaces.

Work safely without limits

Efficient MDM with Per-app VPN functionality enables IT admins to create a user-friendly, flexible and secure working environment for all employees regardless of their location. End users also benefit from a seamless mobile working environment because they can keep their familiar workflows without having to deal with additional login barriers. In the end, companies that rely on robust MDM tools with Per-app VPN functionality are ahead of the game when it comes to data security compliance.

Mobile and secure – the way your end users like it

In the age of remote and hybrid work, automated mobile device management with Per-app VPN functionality not only simplifies device management, but also optimizes performance, security and data protection so your employees can work seamlessly from anywhere.

Secure mobile working – find out more in the white paper from baramundi

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