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02. May 2024, Avatar of William FendtWilliam Fendt

In the age of mobile working, baramundi Remote Desk offers a quick and easy solution for remote client maintenance. With our Remote Desk module, admins can personally tackle recalcitrant endpoints at any time or provide specific assistance, even if there is no VPN connection, so their colleagues can work smoothly no matter where they are.

In short

  • The baramundi Remote Desk module powered by AnyDesk gives admins direct and secure access to endpoints without a VPN connection.
  • The cloud-based remote maintenance solution uses security standards that are accepted in the financial sector and prominently notifies users when a session is active.
  • It provides fast access times with minimal bandwidth requirements thanks to a specially developed codec.
  • Thanks to its seamless integration with the baramundi Management Suite (bMS) and a wide range of functions, it offers IT specialists an effective tool to help remote employees with their computer problems quickly and easily.

Our working world is increasingly characterized by flexibility and mobility. Mobile working from home or even several months of work in distant countries have long since become the norm. Because of the widespread use of real-time collaboration and communication tools, the question arises: are remote maintenance solutions still relevant today? The answer from our customers is clearly “yes.”

We explained the benefits of remote maintenance in an earlier blog post. Today, we are going into a little more detail and showing how remote maintenance works with our remote desk module. However, it is important to differentiate between remote maintenance and classic endpoint management. While the latter mainly focuses on the overall management and security of end devices, remote maintenance enables direct live support for users. Typical use cases include helping end users with specific applications or resolving network login problems.

The baramundi Management Suite offers direct and secure access to all network clients via the cloud-based Remote Desk module regardless of whether there is an active VPN connection to the company LAN. It enables IT admins to virtually sit next to the user or even at their keyboard to provide solutions to their specific problems quickly. Just imagine a remote maintenance solution that offers you the following advantages:

  • Remote maintenance of devices even without VPN
  • Can be used without additional remote installations
  • Immediate session setup from the bMC (baramundi Management Center)
  • Real-time connections
  • Use of shortcuts on the remote system
  • Direct control of the user access control

The new status quo of remote maintenance: baramundi powered by AnyDesk

With our focus on developing practical, intuitive and fast endpoint management solutions, the seamless integration of our bMS with the AnyDesk Client allows admins to connect directly to any remote client without the need for additional installations. This means that nothing stands in the way of maximally efficient remote endpoint maintenance in any situation.

Here are the three most important advantages of our cloud-based remote desk solution powered by AnyDesk at a glance:

  • High performance with lightning-fast access: The AnyDesk Agent is started directly from the bMS without the need for additional installations. It delivers impressive speed and performance thanks to the specially developed "DESKrt" codec which streams only screen changes instead of the entire screen during an admin session. The latency time is less than 16 milliseconds using a minimum required bandwidth of just 10kb/s for optimum performance.
  • High security for comprehensive data protection: Security is a top priority at baramundi. User consent is mandatory for any remote maintenance session. The baramundi Management Center only processes requests from IDs that are on a whitelist. The cloud-based AnyDesk Agent is securely connected to the bMS via a special connector. All requests are made exclusively via HTTPS encryption with at least TLS 1.2 to ensure a secure connection and comprehensive data protection.
  • High scalability with minimal memory requirements: The slim client requires only 3.8 MB of memory under Windows and is integrated directly into the bMS. Beginning with bMS 2024 R1, the AnyDesk Agent will only be installed on systems on which a remote session has been started once. That provides another plus in terms of storage space and security.

baramundi Remote Desk has been an integral part of the bMS since version 2023 R2 so IT admins can start protected, fast and secure remote maintenance processes at any time with minimal effort.

Remote maintenance live: quick start and uncomplicated handling

Before Remote Desk is started with a simple click in the bMS, a check is carried out to see whether the target endpoint is listed in the bMS system. This is done using a secure allow-whitelisting procedure. A password is required before initiating a session and users must give their explicit consent to prevent unauthorized access to their system. End user privacy and data protection is further protected by a conspicuous “privacy border” during an active session.

The Remote Desk module also offers a powerful data transfer function for easily moving required files from the admin to the target computer and vice versa. Robust security standards reliably prevent unauthorized file transfers in the background. After approval by the user, the baramundi agent starts on the client device and the corresponding AnyDesk client starts on the admin's server side. A chat function facilitates communication between admin and user in a small but clearly recognizable window. All communication takes place via encrypted connections to ensure security. A particularly practical aspect of the baramundi Remote Desk module is the ability for admins to switch between local and foreign keyboard layouts at any time depending on their preference.

Comprehensive functionality for maximum efficiency

The impressive functionality of baramundi Remote Desk ranges from multi-monitor support and session recording to advanced data protection. Admins can also ask users who are currently in do-not-disturb mode to join a session or, if required, they can temporarily block the user’s view of the remote screen when entering passwords or accessing sensitive data in privacy mode.

All of these features guarantee admins the highest level of security, comprehensive ease of use and maximum efficiency for rapid processing of all IT problems in the remote client system. The close technology partnership between baramundi and AnyDesk ensures continuous innovations and future enhancements for remote maintenance where efficiency and user-friendliness go hand in hand at every step.

Remote maintenance with maximum efficiency

Experience how baramundi Remote Desk transforms remote maintenance with direct access to endpoints regardless of location.

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