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„baramundi makes our work easier every day."

Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG


Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG

With its market presence in more than 100 countries, Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG has become one of the world’s best-known chocolate manufacturers. To ensure that employees in its business can rely on a constantly up-to-date and functioning IT environment, holistic management of the IT infrastructure is essential.

Michael Jany, Network and System Administrator at Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG, and his colleagues take care of the administration of 800 endpoints and 200 thin endpoints. When it comes to hardware, Jany and his colleagues rely on Lenovo laptops and desktop PCs running Windows 7.

Alfred Ritter took advantage of the upcoming end of the contract with its IT service provider to look for a modern and comprehensive management solution for its endpoints.

The company hit the jackpot with the Augsburg-based software manufacturer baramundi. The unified endpoint management solution keeps all endpoints up to date.

More Automation in Administration

Evaluation and implementation made easy

The evaluation phase of various endpoint management solutions was very short. Due to a ticket system that had just been introduced at the time and which has an interface to baramundi’s endpoint management solution, the decision in favor of the Augsburg-based software manufacturer was quickly made. It took only one day of implementation time for the first endpoint to be ready for administration.

“For us, one thing was clear: if we chose a solution to manage our endpoints, it should fit into our existing solution landscape without any problems. This was clearly the case here,” says Michael Jany.

Michael Jany and his team cover a wide range of tasks with the Augsburg-based manufacturer’s unified endpoint management solution. From inventorization, operating-system installation, and software deployment through to updating third-party software and implementing Microsoft patches.

The support we received from baramundi was excellent – totally uncomplicated and focused on solutions

Michael Jany, Network and System Administrator at Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG

Uniform installation of operating systems and software

“Setting up an endpoint with a new operating system is really fast with the baramundi solution”

“In our case, every endpoint that we add to our IT environment is first wiped completely clean. This means that we remove every single piece of any pre-installed software,” says Michael Jany.

The network and system administrator justifies the procedure by saying that pre-configured endpoints have too many programs and versions that are not needed. The IT managers install the operating systems fully automatically and with a native Microsoft installation method using the baramundi Management Suite.

IT managers are now able to move much faster when it comes to software distribution.

At Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG, there are currently 150 so-called jobs running for the distribution of software applications, such as the Office package and other standard software from baramundi’s Managed Software package. Here, upon the initial setup procedure, a fast and automated installation process is also executed.

Updating third-party software and integrating patches without losing time

Old program versions pose a high risk not only in terms of the instability of the systems, but also by creating critical security vulnerabilities if the software is not patched. Ever shorter update cycles and the large number of software applications mean IT managers have to spend an enormous amount of time packaging and rolling out updates.

All current software versions are checked and packaged in advance by baramundi experts and sent to the IT manager at Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG for immediate deployment.

“If you consider just one update per month, you save at least two days of work – and that’s just for one application. If you follow this procedure for a large number of applications, the time saved is of course much higher. Thanks to the baramundi solution, we have more time for other tasks,” says network and system administrator Michael Jany.

Michael Jany and the IT support team also use the baramundi Management Suite to distribute Microsoft patches to all endpoints. baramundi always makes an updated and already controlled patch database available to the IT managers on Microsoft Patch Day.


“baramundi makes our work easier every day. We let the software work for us and we can finally dedicate ourselves to new topics. We save a huge amount of time thanks to baramundi, especially in terms of updating third-party software and distributing Microsoft patches.

That’s really great. The solution is reliable and stable,” concludes Michael Jany with satisfaction.