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Game changer: automation in IT

04. July 2024, Avatar of Joseph SuraJoseph Sura

When an urgent video call is pending or a customer proposal is due and the system freezes, quick help from IT support is needed. That type of support becomes expensive when IT admins routinely have to spend time fixing common PC problems instead of tending to more productive tasks. This is where automation using the right tools becomes a game changer!

Short & sweet

  • IT teams are chronically overloaded as they often have to deal with routine tasks, leaving little time for more important work.
  • Due to a lack of IT staff, companies may delay security management and strategic IT projects.
  • Through targeted use of automation tools and solutions, IT teams can free themselves from tedious routine tasks and focus on higher-value work that helps their company compete and succeed.

In many companies, IT admins struggle almost daily to resolve their colleague’s support requests as quickly as possible. But more time spent on reactive support means that less time is available for more important work, including keeping up with essential duties: 

  • 30 percent of security tasks are delayed at many companies
  • 45 percent of all IT projects are postponed due to a lack of resources
  • 50 percent of training courses are canceled


Do more with less with the right tools!

One solution is to hire more IT admins. However, few companies today can afford a large IT team and some are cutting headcounts. In other cases, qualified specialists are increasingly difficult to find. A more practical approach is to use IT automation. The right automation tools can help IT teams handle an increasing number of maintenance and security challenges and still have time and resources to take on strategically important IT tasks. 

Specialized automation software is available for many routine tasks including OS installation, software distribution and vulnerability management. For example, the baramundi Management Suite (bMS) has extensive automation tools to relieve IT specialists of time-consuming everyday tasks. The bMS also has four key components that make IT work easier and more efficient for admins and users alike: the baramundi Management Center, Automation Studio, the baramundi Kiosk and the bCenter app.

Automate day-to-day IT routines

The baramundi Management Center allows IT admins to keep an eye on all relevant network information at all times and manage endpoint devices centrally with a few clicks via a consistent admin interface.
Automation Studio is an almost magical "IT toolbox" that makes it easy to automate tasks such as installations and configurations - even for software packages without automated installers. Routine tasks for clients, servers or mobile devices can be quickly and easily automated.

The baramundi Kiosk goes one step further by actively involving end users. As an elegant self-service solution, it offers users the option to install IT-approved software independently when convenient regardless of which device they are using. 

All-round security - think mobile devices too

The bMS also integrates mobile tools for IT admins. Our bCenter app effectively is a baramundi Management Center for your pocket, allowing admins to start important tasks like update and patch deployments directly from their smartphone or tablet, check endpoint status, or access and edit device details.

With the modules and functions of bMS, you can keep an eye on software license status and if, how and where installed applications are being used. The Remote Desk module enables IT admins to access, secure and maintain PCs regardless of location.

The "Shift Left" principle: act instead of react

When employees have unreliable systems and network connections, user frustration and the number of support tickets increase while productivity decreases. However, if IT teams use Digital Experience (DEX) management tools to prevent or quickly solve common endpoint problems, employee satisfaction and productivity improves.

DEX enables IT admins to adopt a forward-looking "shift left" approach that transforms reactive incident response into proactive incident management. In practice, this means that IT specialists do not just identify, analyze and resolve a problem after it occurs. Instead, they tackle problems earlier and proactively, ideally before employees even notice. By spending less time “putting out fires,” IT teams instead can focus on optimizing performance, evaluating new technologies, and planning and implementing strategic projects.

Improving IT processes despite staffing shortages

With every new client, mobile device and compliance regulation, the challenges facing IT teams increase while staffing levels either remain steady or decrease. But even small IT teams have the opportunity to improve system performance, maintain security and allocate time and resources to future-oriented projects.

The secret lies in using the right automation tools and solutions to free IT teams from tedious, time-consuming routine tasks. Acting instead of reacting can become a new IT best practice that companies can adopt to compete, grow and succeed.

De-stress your IT processes with the bMS

Everyday support requests tie up important resources that are needed elsewhere. Learn how proven software solutions can reliably automate many IT processes.

Download the free whitepaper: Automate routine IT tasks 

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