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All eyes are on baramundi Argus Cockpit

18. January 2021, Avatar of Robert KlingerRobert Klinger

For more than 20 years, baramundi has been offering baramundi Management Suite (bMS), a scalable, flexible and highly cost-effective solution that allows IT administrators to easily manage their enterprise IT infrastructure. At the heart of bMS are the baramundi Management Server and the baramundi Management Center (bMC) that administrators use to configure and manage a wide variety of functions.

But in recent years, and especially since March 2020, the role of IT admins has changed – quite a lot. They no longer sit in the office or data center and manage their organization’s on-premises IT infrastructure from behind secure enterprise-grade firewalls. The big difference for IT admins now is the need to access, configure, deploy, encrypt or otherwise manage endpoints and sensitive corporate and IT data from outside the corporate network, -- like from their own home office.

Essentially, IT admins have become remote users. Previously high levels of infrastructure transparency have significantly decreased. That makes it a lot more difficult for admins to keep an eye on all data and devices. Even the ability to distinguish important data that deserves higher levels of protection from less-sensitive assets is diminished, especially when there are multiple company location. The same applies to managed service providers manage IT for many distinct clients.

On top of the day-to-day tasks of deploying, updating and patching being more difficult or time-consuming, there’s now an absolutely essential need to ensure that mobile and remote users – basically all employees these days—have reliable and secure access to the data and network resources they need to be productive wherever they are. The good news is that baramundi has a great solution for this “new normal” or “next normal” world of IT management.

The cloud-based baramundi Argus Cockpit (bAC) module has been available to all baramundi customers and partners  since the release of bMS 2020 R1 soon after pandemic lockdowns began. bAC makes is possible and easy to connect one or more baramundi management servers and display important real-time management data from one or more IT environments. This makes it much easier to keep track of different systems across customers or locations.

The baramundi Argus Cockpit (bAC) module is very popular: approximately 1/3 of our partners and 2/3 of our customers are active users. So far, about 25% of bAC users are using it to monitor two or more baramundi management servers.

New capabilities are being added constantly with multiple updates each year being instantly available as soon as we release them. If a user has specific requirements between releases, individually configurable data from various endpoint devices can be synchronized with the Argus Cockpit for monitoring. 

Beyond functionality, customers and partners love the “packaging,” i.e., the design and essential features built into bAC:

  • Always & anywhere: With the Argus Cockpit, system status can be accessed in a browser regardless of time or location.
  • Secure & convenient: No VPN or additional infrastructure required for secure remote management. That’s great for common situations when, for example, want to use wake-on-LAN to start-up, manage, and shut down user’s WFH devices without having to wait until they’re at the keyboard.
  • Fast & smart: With the Argus Cockpit, you can immediately detect and take action on failed job instances. That’s important when, say, you’ve deployed an OS or app update to run overnight and don’t want to wait until the next morning to find out that a senior exec’s PC or a critical server isn’t working correctly – and that your boss wants to have a chat with you now.
  • Transparent & comprehensive: Get a clear, real-time status of relevant data from all devices or specific subsets of endpoints for which you are responsible. IT managers also can assign groups of endpoints to individual admins to limit visibility to appropriate authorized admins only.

With many companies making the transition to the cloud, the Argus Cockpit is an essential tool for all baramundi customers. The rapidly growing use of bAC among customers and MSPs shows how important remote monitoring and management capabilities are. That in turn is inspiring our product dev team. Some great new features are coming soon.
If you’re not using bAC already, you can get more info here or contact us. If you’re already a user, what capabilities would you like to see added? Let us know.


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