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Put Windows on a leash with an OS customization tool

08. September 2020, Avatar of Mark-Andre WimmerMark-Andre Wimmer

IT admins can simplify Windows 10 deployments on endpoint computers while improving security and system performance by creating customized OS images prior to installation.

The baramundi OS Customization Tool makes it easy to configure nearly any Windows GUI setting, apply patches, or activate and deactivate access to built-in apps, cameras, microphones and ports. Literally with a few clicks, you can set them for any group of target devices, save and then deploy the installation image as needed.

Why use an OS customization tool?

There’s no disputing the usefulness and speed of using Powershell or the command-line to view and configure system settings. But they aren’t well-suited for any at-scale Windows 10 deployment or task. The baramundi OS Customization Tool is like Powershell/command-line combined and on steroids when it comes to handling dozens or hundreds of installations at once.

Reproducibility is key. Just select options for features, apps, patches, system settings, interface and privacy in the OS Customization Tool GUI and save to an image. Prepare as many specific images customized for various groups of machines and users and deploy when ready.

Precise data protection and security

You can disable sending settings and performance reports to Microsoft and disable features like Cortana, microphones and cameras. Staying compliant or ahead of existing or expected data privacy regulations is simplified by modifying settings for Windows apps and functions as needed. Pre-installed apps can be removed automatically and security patches applied prior to installation to ensure security and save time.

You can find more information about installing and using the Windows Customization Tool from baramundi in the Knowledge Base

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