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What matters most in UI, UX & UEM is the “You”

08. October 2020, Avatar of Alexander HaugkAlexander Haugk

When an IT department is considering a Unified Endpoint Management solution, you might expect that a major IT advisory firm like Forrester Research would point to features, functions or ROI as primary criteria for a buying decision. Those of us who think in very practical terms about how to select, deploy and support technology for our companies generally get down to brass tacks pretty quickly.

After all, we’re the ones who have to live with the results of those decisions – the good and the not-so-good.

That’s what we were thinking when we were added to the list of UEM providers “that matter most” in the annual Forrester Wave UEM report. That suited us just fine because even though we’re still a rising player in the US market (with 20 years of UEM experience), the baramundi Management Suite has robust capabilities proven in use at more than 3,500 customers worldwide.
While Forrester did include IT management and security capabilities as the #2 and #3 in the top three criteria, #1 was a solution that enabled better user experiences.

As the report stated, “The happiest employees are those who can make progress every day.”

To us and probably most IT admins, the most valuable IT tools are not the ones with shiny new bells and whistles (those can be nice too). It’s the ones that make it easy to get stuff done better-faster-cheaper. 

That approach to usability and productivity has driven our product development for years. It’s not just a matter of keeping company users happy, productive and safe – that’s Job #1 for anyone in IT. In fact, it’s our belief that the UI and entire UX of any UEM solution must be consistent, intuitive and positive for the IT pros relying on it to make Job #1 happen all day, every day. What good is the most secure and technically capable UEM solution if users and administrators think it’s hard to operate? 

We don't just want to offer a secure solution that enables IT admins to handle complex UEM challenges. Our goal is for IT staff and company users (through software self-service and user device self-enrollment functions) to become fans. In the end, the UI and UX of our UEM system as well as customer service are all about “you.”

You could ask two questions at this point. First, do we achieve this? Second, how do we achieve this? You’ll find the answer to the first where Forrester’s summarizes interviews with multiple baramundi customers by saying:

“All customer references reported that baramundi support is outstanding.” 

You’ll find the answer to the second in the full version of the Forrester Wave™ Unified Endpoint Management Report which you can download for free. 

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